Welcome Spring…

Close-up of Pink Crocus with Unlit Candle

Well, I failed miserably at my planned weekly posting so I’m going to fall back on monthly posting instead until I have more news, guests, or other things to report. I may, depending on my time, inclination, and mood, occasionally post a book or movie review here as well. Those will likely be few and far between as my opinions on things, especially books, often clash with the accepted status quo when it comes to authors commenting on other authors books. Therefore, you’re more likely to see me raving and cheering for a book I comment on rather than calling it out as crap.

On a different note, those who know me from Facebook know that I’m nominally pagan nowadays. So for those who celebrate the seasons with me, Happy Spring and Merry Imbolc. May the warming of the year bring joyous blessings to all.

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